Course Design and Online Group Collaboration – What’s the Connection?

The original post that I found actually came from Bon Simmons research from last weeks assignment.  It is a very interesting and thoughtful about all of the information that is on the blog and how it relates to the knowledge that online learners need from a course in order to become aware of the information that they are learning.  I have taken many courses that require collaboration in groups, but I have had little success with this.  Although after reading the justification of why it is important for students to work in collaborative groups I am more aware of the importance that it can bring to their education.  I know that through a majority of my online courses through Western New Mexico University online collaboration groups are very important to a large part of the professors.  In my opinion, being in an online course is no different than having my students in my classroom work in collaborative groups within the classroom.  I suppose that it all depends on the assignment/project that is being assigned within a group setting.

Not only is it important for the professors to encourage collaborative groups, but it is also very important for those groups to know the expectations of the final assignment/project that they will be completing.  This is not just important for a group, but it is also very important for any online course.



Instructional Design

The information that I have found while researching for different perspectives of Instructional Design have been quite overwhelming.  Although I knew that it was a very important part of the world, not just in education, but also in trainings in business fields as well.  The following are the sites, or blogs that I found that were very interesting.  The first two caught my attention because they were more personable, and the last was very interesting because of the different information that was found on the initial site.

The eLearning Coach

The views of the author of this blog were very interesting.  They seemed very personable and I believe that there will be a lot of learning happening from all of the authors that I will be researching.  Some of the interesting information that was found on this blog discussed the amount of professionals that are in Instructional Design that had degrees.  There is much more to the blog than just this information, but that will be for a later time!

IDD Blog

WOW!  All of the contributors to this blog are very interesting and the information that is presented are all very important for Instructional Design.  I believe the reasons that I felt compelled to continue to read is because of the impact of technology is having on higher education.  All of the authors are professors for a university and the information that they are presenting throughout their blog posts are very informative.  Also, the blog is very interesting because it can pertain to the content that I am hoping to introduce within my classroom in the near future.  Although I am a high school teacher, technology integration into the classroom is on the rise and the information for Instructional Design is going to be beneficial for me within my classroom.  This is going to be a blog that I continue to visit!

Association for Talent Development

The reason that I chose this site to review is because of its affiliation.  After reviewing the information on the site I was happy that there were so many aspects of Instructional Design available.  Although some of the information is more complex than I had time to review it was very good to see that there are many different perspectives and avenues for Instructional Design that I did not know were available.