Course Design and Online Group Collaboration – What’s the Connection?

The original post that I found actually came from Bon Simmons research from last weeks assignment.  It is a very interesting and thoughtful about all of the information that is on the blog and how it relates to the knowledge that online learners need from a course in order to become aware of the information that they are learning.  I have taken many courses that require collaboration in groups, but I have had little success with this.  Although after reading the justification of why it is important for students to work in collaborative groups I am more aware of the importance that it can bring to their education.  I know that through a majority of my online courses through Western New Mexico University online collaboration groups are very important to a large part of the professors.  In my opinion, being in an online course is no different than having my students in my classroom work in collaborative groups within the classroom.  I suppose that it all depends on the assignment/project that is being assigned within a group setting.

Not only is it important for the professors to encourage collaborative groups, but it is also very important for those groups to know the expectations of the final assignment/project that they will be completing.  This is not just important for a group, but it is also very important for any online course.



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