ITD 546 Course Reflection

This course has been a very interesting learning experience especially for a current educator.  The information that I have acquired throughout this course of the different learning styles and the way that I can assist my students through knowing these different styles is going to be very beneficial for the rest of my career, not only in the regular education classroom, but especially in the online teaching environment that I hope to one day be in.  Not only has the content of this course been beneficial for those uses, but it has also brought to my attention the different learning styles that I have used through my educational career and what is most helpful to aid in my own learning of new content.

I have had a chance within this course to review the different learning styles and evaluate my own.  I always thought that I learned better through the Behaviorist Learning Style, but the further into this course, I realize that I learn better through the integration of several different learning styles (Social Learning Theory & Constructivism, as well as Behaviorist).  Knowing that if it had not been for the content within this course, I would not have been able to identify different learning styles within my classroom.  Some additional information about the other learning styles that I find useful especially that of Social Learning Theory, is that I am and have always been a very social person.  I just never realized that being social was a type of learning theory.  Knowing this information is beneficial to my students because now if I have students that learn better using this learning style I can develop my curriculum to allow them the social aspect of the assignments within the content.

I also have to say that it is important for a teacher to realize that just because a majority of people learn with a particular learning theory these same people will more than likely learn by more than just that one way.  It is not only important for the teacher to know the different learning styles, but also recognize that you do not have to integrate all of the learning styles present in your class in order to teacher to all the students.  This is one of the major struggles that teachers face, the thought that they have to integrate all of the learning styles at one time.

The information that I have learned that connects the different learning theories with the learning styles that I have researched is very beneficial for all of the different aspects to instructional design.  This is also going to be useful when my career starts with online teaching.  It will be helpful to know what learning styles are more dominant and what technologies that I can use to aid in my students learning.  Essentially, the benefits of thoroughly knowing the different learning theories and styles is important to the student and the professor.  As an educator, we tend to think that more is less and we try to integrate as many learning styles into a particular assignment or chapter.  However, this is not the case for many courses that are dealing with educational technologies, and even those that have nothing to do with technology.  Sometimes we lose thought of the importance of the content by the integration of technologies.  It is important to know that because there are many tools of educational technologies teachers do not have to integrate all of them into all of the assignments.  It is essential for the teacher to know that students get overwhelmed just as teacher do.  Therefore, spreading out the use of technologies throughout the course could be very useful if the technology integration is to be used properly.

I suppose that through the rambling of this reflection I would say that the knowledge that I have acquired has and is going to be very beneficial to my students learning within my classroom.  Also, it has been very useful for me to know that for the rest of my educational career I will hopefully be taking courses by professors that can use the different learning styles that are easier for me to learn through as a reference to assignments, discussions and projects.


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