My Learning Connections



There are many aspects of the “Learning Connections Map” that has changed over the years.  Especially since I have become a teacher in my own classroom.  It is very interesting to me that if I wouldn’t have been attending college for my Master’s Degree then I probably would have struggled more than what I did in the first years of teaching.  All of the bubbles that are within my MindMap are very important and in many ways work together to make-up my learning connection.  I would have been completely lost if it hadn’t been for my amazing co-workers and classmates that were there to provide ample knowledge in every aspect of my career.  Also, it was very important for me to go to training’s and conferences the first couple of years that I was teaching.  I learned so much about the curriculum and about the different teaching techniques that I could utilize within my classroom so that it would be beneficial for not only my students, but also for myself as a teacher.  The courses that I was taking were another very important factor in the success of my first years.  I had the opportunity to talk and get advice from some amazing educators as well as the professors that were teaching the courses.  If not for the content that I learned and all of the support that I was receiving I don’t know if I would have made it.  Last, but not least, were the online resources that are always available.  It is amazing to think that many of the teachers that are at my school did not have these available to them until half way through their career.   I know that I would have been lost the last 2 years had it not been for all of the resources.  TeacherTube is a wonderful sight for Mathematics teachers!  Among all of the factors that are complied through the Mind Map they are all intertwined and very important for any educator.


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