My Learning Connections



There are many aspects of the “Learning Connections Map” that has changed over the years.  Especially since I have become a teacher in my own classroom.  It is very interesting to me that if I wouldn’t have been attending college for my Master’s Degree then I probably would have struggled more than what I did in the first years of teaching.  All of the bubbles that are within my MindMap are very important and in many ways work together to make-up my learning connection.  I would have been completely lost if it hadn’t been for my amazing co-workers and classmates that were there to provide ample knowledge in every aspect of my career.  Also, it was very important for me to go to training’s and conferences the first couple of years that I was teaching.  I learned so much about the curriculum and about the different teaching techniques that I could utilize within my classroom so that it would be beneficial for not only my students, but also for myself as a teacher.  The courses that I was taking were another very important factor in the success of my first years.  I had the opportunity to talk and get advice from some amazing educators as well as the professors that were teaching the courses.  If not for the content that I learned and all of the support that I was receiving I don’t know if I would have made it.  Last, but not least, were the online resources that are always available.  It is amazing to think that many of the teachers that are at my school did not have these available to them until half way through their career.   I know that I would have been lost the last 2 years had it not been for all of the resources.  TeacherTube is a wonderful sight for Mathematics teachers!  Among all of the factors that are complied through the Mind Map they are all intertwined and very important for any educator.


ITD 546 Course Reflection

This course has been a very interesting learning experience especially for a current educator.  The information that I have acquired throughout this course of the different learning styles and the way that I can assist my students through knowing these different styles is going to be very beneficial for the rest of my career, not only in the regular education classroom, but especially in the online teaching environment that I hope to one day be in.  Not only has the content of this course been beneficial for those uses, but it has also brought to my attention the different learning styles that I have used through my educational career and what is most helpful to aid in my own learning of new content.

I have had a chance within this course to review the different learning styles and evaluate my own.  I always thought that I learned better through the Behaviorist Learning Style, but the further into this course, I realize that I learn better through the integration of several different learning styles (Social Learning Theory & Constructivism, as well as Behaviorist).  Knowing that if it had not been for the content within this course, I would not have been able to identify different learning styles within my classroom.  Some additional information about the other learning styles that I find useful especially that of Social Learning Theory, is that I am and have always been a very social person.  I just never realized that being social was a type of learning theory.  Knowing this information is beneficial to my students because now if I have students that learn better using this learning style I can develop my curriculum to allow them the social aspect of the assignments within the content.

I also have to say that it is important for a teacher to realize that just because a majority of people learn with a particular learning theory these same people will more than likely learn by more than just that one way.  It is not only important for the teacher to know the different learning styles, but also recognize that you do not have to integrate all of the learning styles present in your class in order to teacher to all the students.  This is one of the major struggles that teachers face, the thought that they have to integrate all of the learning styles at one time.

The information that I have learned that connects the different learning theories with the learning styles that I have researched is very beneficial for all of the different aspects to instructional design.  This is also going to be useful when my career starts with online teaching.  It will be helpful to know what learning styles are more dominant and what technologies that I can use to aid in my students learning.  Essentially, the benefits of thoroughly knowing the different learning theories and styles is important to the student and the professor.  As an educator, we tend to think that more is less and we try to integrate as many learning styles into a particular assignment or chapter.  However, this is not the case for many courses that are dealing with educational technologies, and even those that have nothing to do with technology.  Sometimes we lose thought of the importance of the content by the integration of technologies.  It is important to know that because there are many tools of educational technologies teachers do not have to integrate all of them into all of the assignments.  It is essential for the teacher to know that students get overwhelmed just as teacher do.  Therefore, spreading out the use of technologies throughout the course could be very useful if the technology integration is to be used properly.

I suppose that through the rambling of this reflection I would say that the knowledge that I have acquired has and is going to be very beneficial to my students learning within my classroom.  Also, it has been very useful for me to know that for the rest of my educational career I will hopefully be taking courses by professors that can use the different learning styles that are easier for me to learn through as a reference to assignments, discussions and projects.

Fitting the Pieces Together

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, how has your view on how you learn changed?

I suppose that through the last seven weeks and all of the research and resources that have been reviewed there I have a greater understanding of learning theories that I had no clue were so intertwined.  It was interesting to see that during Week 1 of this course I was very close minded and thought that I was only effective in learning with only using one learning theory.  However, now that I have looked at the resources available throughout this course and for research for the Learning Theory Matrix assignment I have realized that it is essential for me to use several different learning theories to have a complete understanding of the content then just using one theory.

What have you learned about the various learning theories and learning styles over the past weeks that can further explain your own personal learning preferences?

I began this course thinking that I was more comfortable learning through the Behaviorist Learning Theory.  However, I now know that I also am comfortable with Social Learning Theory as well.  I have always been the person in the group that takes over and just completes the assignment if the rest of the group will not step up, but I also thoroughly enjoy if I am working in a group setting and there is knowledge being passed throughout the group so that everyone is learning new information.  I strongly believe that everyone has something different to put into a situation and through the Social Learning Theory it is the way that the learning theory works.

What role does technology play in your learning (i.e., as a way to search for information, to record information, to create, etc.)?

As of right now, technology plays a huge part in my learning.  It is the lifeline of communication, research, discussions, assignments, group work, interaction (of any kind with students and professors) and pretty much everything else that my education needs at the time.  It is imperative that all things with technology work properly or I am at a loss for all things involving my education.  I know the importance of the information that can be acquired through the technology that I use on a daily basis for my education, as well as my job.

Course Design and Online Group Collaboration – What’s the Connection?

The original post that I found actually came from Bon Simmons research from last weeks assignment.  It is a very interesting and thoughtful about all of the information that is on the blog and how it relates to the knowledge that online learners need from a course in order to become aware of the information that they are learning.  I have taken many courses that require collaboration in groups, but I have had little success with this.  Although after reading the justification of why it is important for students to work in collaborative groups I am more aware of the importance that it can bring to their education.  I know that through a majority of my online courses through Western New Mexico University online collaboration groups are very important to a large part of the professors.  In my opinion, being in an online course is no different than having my students in my classroom work in collaborative groups within the classroom.  I suppose that it all depends on the assignment/project that is being assigned within a group setting.

Not only is it important for the professors to encourage collaborative groups, but it is also very important for those groups to know the expectations of the final assignment/project that they will be completing.  This is not just important for a group, but it is also very important for any online course.


Instructional Design

The information that I have found while researching for different perspectives of Instructional Design have been quite overwhelming.  Although I knew that it was a very important part of the world, not just in education, but also in trainings in business fields as well.  The following are the sites, or blogs that I found that were very interesting.  The first two caught my attention because they were more personable, and the last was very interesting because of the different information that was found on the initial site.

The eLearning Coach

The views of the author of this blog were very interesting.  They seemed very personable and I believe that there will be a lot of learning happening from all of the authors that I will be researching.  Some of the interesting information that was found on this blog discussed the amount of professionals that are in Instructional Design that had degrees.  There is much more to the blog than just this information, but that will be for a later time!

IDD Blog

WOW!  All of the contributors to this blog are very interesting and the information that is presented are all very important for Instructional Design.  I believe the reasons that I felt compelled to continue to read is because of the impact of technology is having on higher education.  All of the authors are professors for a university and the information that they are presenting throughout their blog posts are very informative.  Also, the blog is very interesting because it can pertain to the content that I am hoping to introduce within my classroom in the near future.  Although I am a high school teacher, technology integration into the classroom is on the rise and the information for Instructional Design is going to be beneficial for me within my classroom.  This is going to be a blog that I continue to visit!

Association for Talent Development

The reason that I chose this site to review is because of its affiliation.  After reviewing the information on the site I was happy that there were so many aspects of Instructional Design available.  Although some of the information is more complex than I had time to review it was very good to see that there are many different perspectives and avenues for Instructional Design that I did not know were available.


Oh the many things that I am stressed about…..  I found out at the beginning of last week that our new textbooks just got ordered.  Not only is it my first year of teaching, but here are just a few other reasons for my high blood pressure! 

1. 1st year of teaching

2. New textbooks

3. Common Core Standards

4. New classroom to decorate and make my own


Just thought I would share a little of my stress with the rest of my followers!

Will keep updating!!!